Men's Skin Care FAQ

How can I reach you with a question?   You can email us at info@me1skincare.com 

Is my information on your website secure?  Yes!  We are a secured shopping website.  Your payment and personal information are always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions.  It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet.

What payment methods do you accept?  For your convenience, we accept PayPal and major credit cards.

Do you ship Internationally?  Yes!  We can ship your order Internationally and ship via USPS First-Class Package International Service. USPS rates are determined by your mailing address and package weight.

Will I be charged sales tax on my purchase?  We only collect sales tax for purchases made and shipped within the states of California & Nevada.

When will my order be sent out?  We mail all orders the same or next business day they are ordered to make sure you get your package as fast as possible.

How often will I receive emails from you?  We take your email privacy and your time very seriously and promise to not bombard you with emails. We will occasionally send you emails with new product launches or special sales and discounts.

Why do you only have 4 products?  At ME Skin Care our goal is to make good healthy looking skin an easy part of your day.  Men don't want to waste time looking at 27 different toners, serums, elixirs, and powders that may or may not help.  So we designed our products to be simple - only two main categories and two products within each category.  Moisturizers & Eye Creams for all skin types, that is all we make.  That is really all you need for good healthy looking skin. 

Why Should I use a Moisturizer?  Imagine that your skin's surface is like the paint job on that car parked in your driveway.  What happens when you don't take care of the paint?  It drys, cracks and just doesn't look good.  Worse, the metal underneath is now exposed and left unprotected from the elements.  There goes the look and health of your car.  The same idea goes for your skin - once it's dry, brittle, or cracked, you've lost your shield and the skin is vulnerable to the environment.  We think the Fram Oil Filter guy said it best, "you can pay me now, or you PAY me later".  A small amount of our moisturizer goes a long way.  Make it a habit, and your skin will look great and you will feel your best.  Face Matte Gel is for the guy with normal to oily skin and Face Moisturizing Cream for the guy with normal to dry skin.

What about these bags, lines, circles around my eyes, can you really help?  Yes, at ME Skin Care we can help.  Often we find it is the eyes and the skin around your eyes that tend to start showing age earliest.  So with that in mind, we have two great options to help combat that "fatigued" or "aged" look.  Both products help fade dark circles, the Anti-Age Gel also helps get rid of wrinkles and Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles helps get rid of puffiness.

What do all your products say Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, and Artificial Color-Free?  Our goal is to use only what is needed to get the job done so we do not add what your skin doesn't need. 

How much do I need to use?  Each man's face is a little different, but a little goes a long way with all of our products.  Test what works best for you, and share your stories with us.  We would love to hear about your skin care routine. 

When should I use the products, and can I travel with it?  That's the beauty of ME Skin Care, your routine is your routine.  Use the products when you want.  At night before you got to bed is great, or after you wake up in the morning.  Use them after a mid-day session at the gym, bottom line any time is a good time to take care of your skin.  You will also be happy to notice we made sure each product is small enough to take on your next flight, so don't leave ME Skin Care at home when you travel on vacation or for work.

What are your ingredients, and are they natural?

What time of day should I use your skin care products? In the morning, or at night? 


Other questions?  Please email us any time at:  info@me1skincare.com