Eye Care

Guys: Get More Youthful Eyes

Whether you’re trying to impress a love interest or a potential employer, eye contact is key. What you want others to see in you varies depending on the circumstances, but what you do not want others to see applies across the board. Lines, wrinkles, puffiness, bags, and dark shadows around your eyes distract and detract from your appearance.

Many men -- even men who otherwise take care of their skin -- neglect the delicate skin surrounding their eyes; this contributes to premature aging. Our paraben- and sulfate-free eye care products are gentle yet powerful. Less is more! A pea-sized amount applied in the morning and again in the evening will keep the sensitive skin around your eyes hydrated and protected.

We’ve Harnessed the Power of Nature

Men’s Essentials anti-aging eye gel and our cream for puffy eyes and dark circles feature healing ingredients, including soothing lavender and chamomile extracts, plumping green coffee seed extract, and texture-enhancing honeysuckle and phycocyanin extracts.

Our eye care products feel refreshing to your skin, and provide nourishment for hours after application. Whether you need to reverse the signs of aging or wish to prevent premature aging, ME Skin Care’s line of eye products works and is compatible with all skin types. These are eye products with results you’ll clearly be able to feel and see.

  • Anti-Age Eye Gel

    We created our Anti-Age Gel for those guys that need a little help around their eyes. A tiny little drop is really all you need. Use it at night before you go to bed, or in the morning after you shower. It's a great way to smooth wrinkles, tighten up...

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  • Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles

    Are you like many other guys? Do you see dark circles or puffiness around the eyes when you look in the mirror? Get rid of it with a little drop of our Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles. Don't look tired and lethargic. Use it at night before you go to bed, or...

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